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Portraits & Seascapes

Portraits & Seascapes

10 - 13 April 2019 from 11:00 to 18:00

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Portraits & Seascapes is an exhibition of new works by Aleksandar Bašić and Luke Branca.

Both artists are known for responding to traditional fine art genres in highly contemporary ways. This is what brings them together for a third consecutive year at 5th Base Gallery.

Portraits of renowned artists, painted in bright colours, reflecting elements of their own visual language; this is the best way to describe Aleksandar Bašić’s latest works. Art history itself, the wonders and horrors of technology and a sense of mystery are important underlying subjects. The paintings conclude a long running series created over the past three years, with the more recent pieces showing a concentrated focus on colour and paint as a material.

Luke Branca’s new work is inspired by stories of the sea. He has merged his own artistic vision with ideas from art history, folklore and literature related to our oceans. The works selected for this exhibition are characteristically strange and enigmatic.

Wednesday 11AM - 6PM
Thursday 11AM - 9PM Late Opening
Friday 11AM - 6PM
Saturday 11AM - 6PM


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