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      MARVEL-ous Artworks

      Aimee Morris

      Curated by Aimee Morris

      For superhero fans and comic book aficionados alike, we’ve curated a selection of MARVEL-ous Artworks that brings together some of the best cartoon art from contemporary artists. Making use of bright colours and bold, simple lines, these artworks will make an impact in any space. Choose between a variety of different prints and paintings to find the right piece for you.

      Not just a form of children’s entertainment, the comic book style has had a huge impact in the art world. Just take a look at the world-famous Pop Art movement that made waves in the art community in the 20th Century. Taking mundane or everyday subjects such as consumer products and advertising imagery, artists of this movement worked in a highly graphical style that drew heavily upon the work of comic book artists. Through their use of contrast, vibrant colours and unique shading techniques, these artists have created pieces that stand the test of time.

      Not sure where to begin? We’re on hand to help, whether you’re just starting out in the art collecting world or already have a few pieces under your belt. Make the most of our handy search functions to narrow down according to price, size and orientation so that you can find the perfect piece to fit in with your space.

      As the unconventional name might suggest, D13EGO is an exciting contemporary artist who blends a variety of different styles within his work. He draws upon both the aesthetics of both Pop Art and street art when creating his work, using contrasting colours and imagery that appears to be straight out of a graffiti mural. With this approach, D13EGO makes a commentary on contemporary society, shining a light on the problems caused by commercialism and capitalism in our everyday lives. We love the sense of anarchy in these works, as well as the strong visual impact that they make in any space.

      If you’re a fan of eclectic artworks and bright colours, then take a look at Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Working with a range of different mediums that include both painting and sculpture, Takashi has diverse influences that range from traditional Japanese painting to modern anime. He is the pioneer of what is known as the ‘Superflat’ movement, a reference to the ‘flatness’ of Japanese graphic art that also emphasises the emptiness of consumer culture. There’s a strong political message that runs throughout Takashi’s artwork, and there’s an undeniable visual appeal that’s familiar to any fans of manga or anime.

      Chiho Aoshima is another contemporary artist from Japan who works primarily with digital techniques to create her surreal artworks. In fact, she’s a member of the art collective Kaikai Kiki run by Takashi Murakami, a connection that can be seen throughout her work. While she makes use of a bright and cartoon-like style, Chiho’s art often deals with dark and disturbing subject matter such as demons, ghosts and skulls. This intriguing contrast between light and dark is what sets her work apart, making her an exciting figure on the contemporary art scene.

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