July Curator's Picks

Curated by Rebecca Gordon

Get to know the latest happenings in the art world when you take a look at our July Curator’s Picks, a selection of some of the most exciting new artworks for sale this month. We’ve included a range of different styles to suit varying tastes, so whether you’re interesting in buying minimalistic art or are more a fan of a cartoon style, then you’re sure to find something that appeals to you here.…

The contemporary art scene is constantly changing, and staying on top of the latest movements and artists to watch can take some work. That’s why we’ve made things easy for you by bringing together some of our favourites into one place, with everything from paintings to photography available to buy today.

First time collector? Not sure where to start? Whether you’re a beginner or already know what you’re doing, we’re on hand to offer advice for your next art purchase. Narrow down your search according to size, orientation and price to find the perfect piece for your space. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to invest, then there are also options for rental and payment plans to help you out.

Travel across the world without leaving your home, thanks to the photography of Andrew Lever. Andrew is a British artist who has visited diverse countries, capturing the atmosphere of each place expertly through his mastery of light and different filters. His Vietnam Stories images feature as part of this collection, shining a light on traditional Vietnamese culture and how this interacts with a society that is rapidly modernising.

If you’re more a fan of painting, then check out Maria Magenta, a French artist working in an expressionistic style. Her paintings tend to take everyday subjects such as still life or the female form, all captured with a wonderfully measured yet expressive approach. Her aim through these works is not to tackle greater social issues, but rather to expose the emotions and atmosphere of our daily lives, drawing particular attention to the inner thoughts and state of her human subjects.

Explore a more minimal style with British sculptor Jonathan Page. This artist creates sculptures that are inspired by the natural world, and while at first sight this might not be evident, upon closer contemplation you’ll notice the forms of various animals such as bulls or birds within his work. There’s a strong sense of geometry running throughout his work, and the compositional simplicity of his work conveys a sense of peace and harmony.

Followers of contemporary abstract art will already be familiar with Kotaro Machiyama, a Japanese artist whose bold approach to colour sets him apart from other abstract painters practising today. Each canvas is bursting with vibrant colours, and he manages to play with the ideas of space and form masterfully through the way that these colours interact with one another. There’s something instantly compelling about his artwork that draws you in and invites you to lose yourself in a brightly coloured world.

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