June Curator's Picks

Curated by Rebecca Gordon

Keep your finger on the pulse of the art world when you explore our collection of June Curator’s Picks, showcasing an expert opinion on some of the best contemporary artists practising today. Whether you’re keen on an abstract style or would rather get your hands on some portraits, head curator Rebecca Gordon has included a wide range of mediums and styles to suit your tastes.

One of the most exciting, and at times overwhelming, things about the art world is that it is in constant flux. New artists, movements and styles are always popping up, and it can be hard to keep tabs on the latest trends. That’s why our curators have done the hard work for you, bringing together some of the best new artists from across the globe into one streamlined collection.

For those taking their first steps in the art collecting world and seasoned collectors alike, we make it easy to get hold of great art. Make use of our handy search tools to narrow down according to the size, orientation and price that suits you. A range of payment plans and the ability to rent mean that art is more accessible than ever.

One of our top five viewed artists and a frequent feature in curator’s picks collections, Kristjana S Williams is an Icelandic artist whose work transports the viewer to other worlds. Working primarily with illustrative prints, Kristjana creates surreal scenes that show beautiful flora and fauna against the backdrop of famous urban landscapes from across the world. Each piece is bursting with colour and layers, with a strong sense of narrative that makes it easy to lose yourself in these rich tapestries of imagery. There’s a fascinating juxtaposition between the natural world and urban landscapes in her work, with each serving to emphasise the beauty and intrigue of the other.

If you’re more of a believer in less is more, then Slovakian artist Slavomir Zombek could be up your street. This multi-talented artist works with a range of different mediums including painting, drawing, collage and more. The majority of his work focuses around geometric shapes and forms, and while his pieces may be simple in composition they are undoubtedly intriguing in their use of colour and pattern. Drawing inspiration from the world of computer science for his series titled “Binary Code” as well as themes such as meditation, his art has a strong sense of both order and calm.

Dive into the bright and exciting world of Kotaro Machiyama, a Japanese artist whose abstract paintings are simple in composition yet vivid in their use of colour. With a daring palette he creates canvases that are inspired by concepts of space and time, with each artwork instantly recognisable by his signature style. We love the sense of space that he manages to create, with one colour typically dominating the artwork and pushing other shapes towards the corners and sides. Kotaro is an expert in the field, and his paintings never fail to impress with their bold and impactful visuals.

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