The Gift of Art


Curated by Rise Art

This year, give the gift of art. This curated collection of prints and paintings is the perfect place to start in selecting an inspiring present for a friend or loved one. From original pieces by emerging artists to limited editions by established names, our expert curators have selected these artworks with gifting in mind.


Inspired by the boundless nature of a child's imagination, Peter Hawkins also experiments with texture and tone. Peter’s Ballerina 7 series is at once pure and raw, and elegant and harsh, hinting at the beauty of ballet as well as the brutality of such a demanding vocation.


Nick Miners is celebrated for his realistic photography and striking landscape art. For a bit of escapism, let Hvalfell bring another dimension into your home. Who says we can’t gift art to ourselves?

Inspired by the natural world, photographer Paul Coghlin captures organic forms and botanical beauties with a painterly eye. Exploring the incredible, design-like symmetry and detail of his specimens, Paul’s photographs have a visual clarity to be reckoned with. For warm or pink colour schemes, we suggest the elegant English Rose I.

Fans of vintage design schemes will appreciate the antiqued look of Nadia Attura’s photography. Nadia’s photojournalistic portfolio is characterised by nostalgic washes of colour and fairy-tale-like scenes. To that effect, Candy Floss Beach possesses a sepia film-strip quality, intending a sentimental sense of time and place.


Bruce McClean, a major figure in contemporary art, produces bold and vibrant prints and paintings to suit any setting. Bruce’s abstract prints are characterised by luminous colours, organic shapes and fantastical tropes, giving his works a flamboyant and expressive quality. As an example, see Agave Americana.

Claire Halifax is celebrated for her illustrative cityscapes with a decorative textile quality. The five-coloured silkscreen print, Bristol Zoo, is bright, exciting, and engaging.

Highly collectable and loveable art; the gift that simply keeps on giving. Unwrap an original from the very Godfather of Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake. Explore a range of limited-edition graphic photomontages and brightly coloured screenprints by Sir Peter Blake. For a bold, brave and uplifting showstopper, consider Sources of Pop Art IV.


Modern poetry à la Rebecca Mason mixes tech, typography, light and colour. Rebecca’s digital art is known for its perspicacious commentary on modern society. Pin the Tale of Woe on the Donkey combines neon text and sculpture and would make for a candid and refreshing addition to any space or collection.

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