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      Art Inspired by Lucien Freud

      Phin Jennings

      Curated by Phin Jennings

      The Art Inspired by Lucien Freud collection brings together contemporary paintings that reflect Freud’s distinctive figurative style. Each artwork has been hand-selected by our curator to present different elements of Freud’s artistic language, subject matter and technique. Explore the collection and discover a range of original artworks for sale online.

      A Note from our Curator

      “Freud's forensic attention to small details suggests an uneasy vigilance, revealing anxieties just below the surface." This, part of the text for a post-war exhibition at the Barbican, is a simple and compelling explanation of what keeps me and others coming back to Lucian Freud's paintings. Unlike many of his contemporaries, and many painters trying to evoke Freud's uncanny style, he did not embellish his works with unexpected details. Instead, he focussed on what was really there - which is almost always interesting enough in itself when you look hard enough. As the artist himself put it, "I am only interested in painting the actual person."

      Featured Artists

      The artists in this collection are part of the same endeavour as Freud: painting the strangeness and anxiety revealed by small details of their subjects. Sometimes, like in the work of Sara Shamma and Michele Petrelli, their disembodied faces are surrounded by abstract space. Others, including Gavin Dobson and Kory Alexander choose to paint their characters as embodied subjects engaged in quiet movement.

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