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      Art Inspired by Barbara Hepworth

      Phin Jennings

      Curated by Phin Jennings

      Explore a curated collection of sculptures, drawings and paintings that pay tribute to Hepworth’s distinctive artistic style. Browse the collection and discover original art for sale online.

      Hepworth’s Influence

      Barbara Hepworth was one of the artists who defined the postwar generation of British artists. Her sculptures, noticeable for their smooth and flowing forms, are felt more than they are understood. As the artist puts it, "body experience is the centre of creation." Their contours, which have inspired the work of Nicola Beattie, Jonathan Page and Nils Hansen, seem human and relatable without providing any tangible explanation for it. Though visceral, Hepworth's sculptures are not born of a reliance on pure intuition over careful planning. Her drawings show an obsession with shape and form. Sabrina Brouwers, Pak Keung Wan and Briony Marshall are among the artists who continue today to ask questions about achieving flow through connecting simple forms.

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