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      Contemporary Artists

      Discover contemporary artists from around the world and browse thousands of unique artworks. Rise Art is an online marketplace for hundreds of emerging and established contemporary artists, giving them a way to reach collectors and first-time art buyers alike. From here, you can learn more about every artist on our site. View their latest artworks, learn more about their backgrounds and enjoy photos posted from their studios. Browse the work of contemporary artists with complete peace of mind thanks to our free art advisory and 14 day returns.

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        Featured Artists
        showing 1-5 of 1,006

        Sarah Emily Porter

        United Kingdom
        B. 1985

        Tabitha Soren

        United States
        B. 1967

        Sara Shamma

        United Kingdom
        B. 1975

        Stephen Cimini

        United States
        B. 1949

        Daniel Freaker

        United Kingdom
        B. 1977