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        Discover up-and-coming Sculptors online. Browse a diverse catalogue of Sculptors specialising in a variety of different mediums from Metal and Bronze to Wood. Looking for sculpture for sale? Take a look at our collection here.

        Featured Sculptors

        Take a look at Willie Nash and his deeply allegorical sculptures like Epilogue (2014), made from wood, plaster statue, ash, PVA and string. Willie’s Dada-style and absurdist creations comment on the contemporary social and political environment by drawing on significant historical events.

        Realistic resin sculptures such as Seriously? (2019) by Figurative artist Laurence Perratzi are subtly expressive and gracefully manufactured. For ceramic sculptures, expert ceramicist John Williams makes figurative portraits like Shell (2018), a stunning torso almost reminiscent of Rodin, made from Jesmonite, silver leaf, on a white cement base.

        Colourful wood sculptures by Charlie Oscar Patterson reflect his fascination with saturated, block colours and minimal forms. As an example, Chlorophylll (2018), a combination of acrylic on canvas, is carefully constructed with structured grids and a soft and inviting colour palette.

        Jaykoe focuses on themes of urbanisation, postcolonialism and interculturalism. His interdisciplinary approach is hyper-modern and plays with elements of physical space, technology and contemporary symbolism such as in the edgy Street Art sculpture Sampled Space (Global City Soundscape) I (2014) using spraypaint on speakers.

        Conceptual artist Rebecca Mason craftily mixes script and neon in her typographical sculptures. Characteristic of Rebecca’s portfolio, Going up in Smoke and Mirrors (Fake) (2018), an amalgamation of neon gas, glass, brushed aluminium and print, makes a visually striking observation about modern society and culture.

        Wavy Clam (2011) is a characteristically refined landscape piece from conceptual sculptor Nicola Beattie. Nicola makes large indoor pieces in plaster to be cast in bronze, alongside carving in alabaster and polyphant stone. She draws her inspiration from religion and water baptism, and often focuses the work aesthetically and thematically on water and light.

        Alexander Grigorev models incredibly delicate wooden sculptures, usually polished off with gold paint. Alexander’s work is inspired by his travels across the globe. Pieces like Circe (2018), named after the eponymous female figure from The Odyssey, seem almost talismanic for their hypnotising swirls and curved shapes.

        You can find sculpture for sale here. If you’d like to learn more about sculpture, take a look at our Guide To Sculpture.

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          Peter Mammes

          United Kingdom
          B. 1986

          Monica Perez Vega

          United Kingdom
          B. 1981

          Thomas Merrett

          United Kingdom
          B. 1987

          Christine Lyon

          United States
          B. 1992