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      Realist Artists

      Discover Realist artists online such as Gina Soden, Hiroshi Sato and [Fatola Isreal](https://www.riseart.com/artist/fatola-israel. Learn more about leading artists on the Realist scene, concerned with a variety of different styles and mediums encompassing realist photography, watercolour paintings and drawings.

      Gina Soden is recognised for her realist photography of abandoned buildings. Her shots bring to life previously forgotten and uninhabited spaces, offering viewers a glimpse of a world which otherwise would have remained unearthed. Gina transforms architecture, like in Grand Nouveau, into magical, otherworldly destinations that seem to vibrate with memories of another time.

      Georgia Peskett is also fascinated by urban landscapes and the stories they tell. Georgia beautifies often ignored and typically unremarkable scenes in the city such as in her original paintings Gas Station California and Vacant Retail, NW3. Her architectural studies are no longer stop gaps or unsightly city blemishes, but colourful and bold compositions to be observed and admired.

      Hiroshi Sato explores themes of class, culture, wealth and consciousness in his exquisite still life oil paintings. He is particularly well-known for his realist portraits, such as Road to The Night (2017), inspired by realist masters of the past and present, including the likes of Cezanne, Hopper and Vermeer. Motifs such as subtle body language, soft colour palettes and subdued yet highly evocative interiors feature widely in his work and combine to invite observers to look beyond the surface of the scene.

      Patsy McArthur creates realist charcoal drawings and figurative paintings and prints like her bold and compelling Odyssey. Her most recent endeavours feature majestic animals such as the stunning horse piece Voyage, charcoal and gesso on wooden panel. Her transcendent works study the power of movement, often capturing figures in suspended states, perhaps leaping or floating. The result is a sense of weightlessness which is simultaneously breathtaking and time-stopping.

      Another realist pursuing the art of drawing is Lagos-based Fatola Isreal whose portraits are like freeze-frames of reality. The expressive narrative and anthropological properties of his pieces like in the photorealist portrait Mojisola, graphite pencils and charcoal on smooth cartridge paper, set out to tell the unique human experience of his subjects, all the whilst commenting on the struggle of mankind in general as a product of society.

      The decorative botanical prints and nature studies by Robert Pereira Hind are beautifully made by printing photographic ink pigment onto gilded backgrounds on wood. Stunning collage creations such as Pratum Purpura (2019) combine gold leaf, glaze and acrylic paint producing a delightful shimmering tarnish. The golden background in his works serves to elevate these natural specimens, simultaneously underscoring Robert’s love for natural illustrations and his fascination with Byzantine religious iconography.

      Discover realistic art for sale here.

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