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Mark Metcalfe

Much of my work operates something akin to a reconstruction or rather a reinterpretation of an existing narrative that already sits in the collective memory, drawn from somewhere in time and yet existing outside temporal space. Moreover, by working through archetypal and allegorical forms, characters emerge that challenge fixed ideas about trust, faith and the unknown.

"If you want figurative work that is not simply mimesis, then the work of Mark Metcalfe will be of interest to you. I see Mark as a contemporary Caravaggio, invoking ideas about vanity, hope, disbelief, uncertainty, transformation and unafraid to challenge taboo. His chiaroscuro and tenebroso effects in the treatment of formal figures always aims to incite dramatic and metaphorical meanings. In his iconography and treatment of forms, he returns the image to its original function; the painting becomes an allegory, designed for the communication of moral, didactic and religious thoughts. "

Jelena Veljkovic - Rise Art Curator

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Mark Metcalfe

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