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Born in 1989 in Germany, KEF! is a street artist who creates large-scale patterned paintings and murals. KEF!’s geometric abstract style has gained him critical and commercial success, with the aesthetics of graffiti informing his own visual language. Seeing his work as hypnotic, harmonious and peaceful, there is an underlying spiritual element to KEF!’s art and he takes much of his influence from nature and Buddhist teachings. Sometimes forming installations, the freedom of KEF!’s style constantly seeks to engage with the viewer and spread a positive energy.

KEF!’s Early Life and Process

KEF! has been painting for most of his life, starting with graffiti at the age of 14 before deciding to pursue his art career with a move to London in 2013. KEF! decided not to train as an artist, and instead saw art on the streets as his teacher. Using techniques such as spray paint, stickers and tagging, KEF! considers himself both a street artist and an abstract designer. KEF! moved to Berlin in 2015 and continues to travel the world and show in galleries internationally.

Worldwide Collaborations

The captivating appearance of KEF!’s art caught the attention of brands such as Urban Outfitters, and his designs are now murals in their stores across the UK, Germany and Hong Kong. Recently, KEF! has also collaborated with Printemps in Paris, Genesis Cinema in London, Artyzen Habitat Hotel in Shanghai and Park Lane Hotel in Hong Kong.

Read our Q&A with KEF! to learn more about the artist.

"KEF!’s abstract style of painting has developed from his street graffiti, and presents us with a juxtaposition of simple monochrome lines with natural and organic forms. His works feel like they can barely hold the energy within them and yet are harmonious and peaceful. "

Katherine Mellor - Rise Art Curator

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