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Arinze Stanley

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1993, Arinze Stanley is an artist best known for his hyper-realistic portraits. Producing black and white life-size drawings, Arinze primarily works with charcoal and graphite on paper. From the age of 6, Arinze has always been drawn to creating realistic portraits, and nowadays he uses them as a medium for his social and political activism. Whether depicting his own personal experiences in Nigeria, or commenting on broader issues worldwide, Arinze covers topics of modern slavery, race and feminism in his work. With his drawings and photographs, Arinze seeks to address the viewer directly and prompt an emotional connection between them and the artwork, thus creating work that speaks out for people who are not able to speak out for themselves.

Education and Career

Arinze studied Agricultural Engineering at Imo State University before making the move to fine art. Both self-taught and prolific, Arinze embarked on creating realistic portraits in 2012 after discovering the hyperrealism genre. Since then, Arinze has been focused on making emotive and powerful art, with each piece taking around 250 hours to produce. Citing artists such as Yigal Ozeri, Kelvin Okafor and Emanuele Dascanio as some of his greatest influences, Arinze is always engaging with the ever-growing community of hyperrealist artists working today.

Arinze Stanley’s Exhibitions

Arinze’s debut exhibition, Insanity was held at the Omenka Gallery in Lagos in 2016. The success of the show catapulted Arinze’s career, leading to exhibitions across the world before his first solo show in New York. Titled Mirrors, the exhibition took place at Jonathan LeVine Gallery and showcased a selection of Arinze’s portraits. From this point on, Arinze has had a constant stream of work displayed in exhibitions and fairs including Art Miami, Scope Art Fair and 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair.

Artworks by Arinze Stanley

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