About Hush


United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Tokyo, Japan


BA (Hons) Design & Illustration, Newcastle School of Art & Design, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 1993

About the artist

Hush is an exciting urban artist who combines street art with more traditional art practices. One of Hush’s primary concerns is the representation of women, and key themes in his work are sexuality and pornography in Japanese culture. We love Hush for his dynamic approach to urban art, the hand-finished elements on his pieces and the sultry, emotive quality he achieves so effortlessly in his portraits. From the artist’s outdoor projects and special commissions to the limited edition prints available on Rise Art, Hush’s extraordinary style is unmistakable.

The artist originally trained as a graphic designer at Newcastle School of Art and Design. His work has since taken him abroad and the artist has become fascinated with international street art and graffiti.

Hush is well-known throughout Asia, Europe and the US. The Independent listed him as one of their ‘Top 20 Up and Coming Artists’ and the artist’s work has been featured in the publications Street Knowledge and The Street Art Stencil Book. In 2011 Hush opened an exhibition space in Newcastle called ‘onethirty3’, which hosts six wall-based installations every year.

Need to know

  • Hush's screen prints and canvases use multiple layers, gloss, and hand finished elements which gives each work a unique look and feel. The textures and finish makes the work stand out.
  • Internationally recognised artist who straddles the street and fine art worlds. Recent shows in the USA, UK and Australia have all sold out
  • Buy as an investment, and for lovers of Japanese popular culture and street art
Scott Phillips

The Insider Scott Phillips says:

"Hush is an artist we have collected at Rise Art for some time. His unique style, combining elements of Manga, Street Art and Fine Art, have won him admirers the world over. Collectible across all price points, his editions really stand out for their hand-embellished elements. This is an artist who I believe will continue to stand out in the years to come. "


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