About Philip Vaughan


1945 in United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Altadena, United States

About the artist

The son of English parents, Philip Vaughan was brought up in France before attending an English boarding school at the age of 9. Philip studied architecture at Cambridge and then transferred to art school, graduating from Chelsea School of Art.

While doing graduate research at Northumberland Polytechnic art school, Vaughan completed his first large public kinetic sculpture, the Neon Tower erected on the Hayward Gallery in 1972 on London’s South Bank Art Centre.

Philip lives and works in Altadena, Los Angeles. Here he continues his practice that ranges from sculpture to drawings, paintings to public art commissions. From his LA studio he plans and builds public sculptures, using a combination of architectural materials, light and other media. Most recently he has been working a lot in gardens and using natural materials like bamboo.

Need to know

  • Philip Vaughan's landmark 45ft (14m) neon Light Tower was a prominent fixture on London's skyline from 1972 until 2008. Vaughan was commissioned to produce the sculpture by the Arts Council in 1970.
George Greenhill

The Insider George Greenhill says:

"Philip Vaughan's practice spans painting, drawing, large scale sculpture and installation art. The contemporary British artist is most renowned for his works of geometric abstraction and kinetic neon sculpture. Much of Vaughan's work takes inspiration from the visual complexities in the patterns of plant and tree biology and ocean waveforms. His considered, carefully composed approach to the canvas explores the beauty inherent in these natural phenomena."

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