About Heidi Thompson


1956 in Vernon, Canada

Lives and Works:

Coldstream, Canada


B.C Teachers Certificate, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada, 2001
BFA, BC Open University, Vancouver, Canada, 2000
Professional Photography Diploma, University of Art and Design Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, 1979


Van City Book of Excellence Award, VanCity Bank, Vancouver, Canada, 1995

About the artist

Canadian born Heidi Thompson moved to Switzerland when she was seventeen to work as an Au Pair. In her spare time she discovered a love for painting. In 1975 she attended the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zürich earning a degree in photography. Pursuing her passion for painting, she moved to Germany and apprenticed with artist Oskar Koller. Later she attended the Akademie der Bildene Künste Nürnberg for one year. Seeking a more traditional training, she moved to Budapest to study at the Hungarian University of Fine Art. In 1982, Thompson returned to Canada and worked as a photographer, publisher and painter.

"It’s important to note that Thompson, a lifelong searcher, has always been interested in Eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation. Her paintings have philosophical depth and incantatory presence. Indeed, these “energy field paintings”, as she calls them, are harvested and mensurable quanta of slow light." James D. Campbell, Canadian Art Critic

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