About Gina Soden


1985 in Ascot, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Reading, United Kingdom


National Diploma in Photography and Multimedia, Thames Valley University, Reading, United Kingdom, 2007


The Naylor Award for the Finest Photograph, National Open Art Competition, London, United Kingdom, 2014
Emerging Artist of the Year, National Open Art Competition, London, United Kingdom, 2013
First Prize, Weston Park Fine Art Open, Telford, United Kingdom, 2013

About the artist

Gina Soden travels all over Europe to photograph abandoned buildings. The British photographer has become one of our most exquisite observers of decay. Her subjects are derelict asylums, schools and hotels, deserted castles and churches, and disused power stations. Rarely does Gina have permission to shoot… as such, every photograph also captures her tenacity to get onsite. We love Gina’s striking images, her painterly visions of crumbling architecture that capture the passage of time and the beauty of decay. Her photographs of once-grand, once-inhabited spaces evoke nostalgia for an old Europe gone by.

Gina studied Photography and Multimedia at Thames Valley University in Reading. She first burst onto the Photography scene in 2010 when the Royal Windsor Society awarded her their ‘photograph of the year’ prize.

The photographer has since won many more awards for her work, including First Prize for the 2013 Weston Park Fine Art Open in Telford. Gina was named Emerging Artist of the Year at London’s 2013 National Open Art Competition, and at the same event a year later she received the Naylor Award for the Finest Photograph.

Need to know

  • Timeless photographs with all the beauty of paintings
  • Sir Peter Blake included Soden in his exhibition ‘Things I Love at The Fine Art Society’
  • The Groucho Club own work by Soden in their carefully selected private collection
Rebecca Gordon

The Insider Rebecca Gordon says:

"I am a huge fan of Gina's work and having listened to her talk exclusively about her work and explain the techniques and workings behind the shots, I now have even more admiration for her. Her dedication to travelling around the world, tracking down and actually getting access to these often inaccessible locations before they are lost to us through demolition or reconstruction is astounding. She continually manages to find beauty in areas of decay and through her photographs we are allowed a rare glimpse of something we would otherwise never see."

Gina Soden

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