About Tomasa Martin


1960 in Barcelona, Spain

Lives and Works:

Barcelona, Spain


BELLAS ARTES, ESCOLA MASSANA, Barcelona, Spain, 1984


Primer premio Nacional de pintura J.R. MASOLI, Barcelona, Spain, 2008

About the artist

Tomasa Martin is an artist based in Barcelona, España. His work is a silent and poetic art expressed through images that create atmospheres capable of expressing feelings and emotions. My work revolves around the human being. Every year, spring comes, and to me, it does not cease to amaze me. The same thing happens to me with the human being. Your feelings, the expression of emotions, etc. They are like an inexhaustible source of inspiration. All this leads me to investigate, to go into their emotions. I would say that my purpose is to show the emotional side more than the simple image of a portrait. Normally, I use acrylics and oil simultaneously, which allow me to play with the execution times of the work, and as a support, I prefer the linen or the wood.

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