Kenrick McFarlane

Kenrick has had solo shows in the USA and South Africa.
Kenrick merges Renaissance art techniques with cartoon visuals.
The work of film director Larry Clark informs Kenrick’s process.

Jamaican-American artist Kenrick McFarlane uses art as a way of expressing his inner thoughts and political concerns. His paintings are outpourings of feelings, fears and desires. Expressive and emotive, Kenrick works in oil to create large-scale abstract and figurative paintings. As well as reflecting the inner workings of his mind, Kenrick’s art also takes inspiration from historical events and reimagines them in his own unique visual style. The use of oils are integral to Kenrick’s process, not only because of the rich and dynamic history of oil paintings, but mainly due to the textured surface quality it creates. Kenrick views art as an opportunity to create an experience that is unique for each and every person.

Career and Inspiration

Born in 1990, Kenrick is currently based in Chicago. After graduating from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Kenrick went on to pursue an MFA at the University of California. Since 2012, Kenrick has exhibited in group and solo shows across the US and South Africa. The need to depict the present is what first drew Kenrick to painting. As well as taking inspiration from contrasting artistic genres, film and politics also play an important role in shaping Kenrick’s art. Likening the role of a painter to a theatre director, Kenrick considers everything from composition and palette to performance and emotion when creating art.

Kenrick McFarlane’s Process

Kenrick’s art is as much about the process as it is about the result. The studio offers him a space to express his internal consciousness, often leading to a meditative state. However, there is an obvious awareness and appreciation of the external art world that informs Kenrick’s process. Merging Renaissance influences and cartoon motifs with elements of animation, Kenrick is driven by the desire to create something that is both profound and innately mysterious.