About Julia Watson


1957 in Sudbury, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Colchester, United Kingdom


Post-Grad Textile Art, Goldsmiths college, London, United Kingdom, 1984

About the artist

My painting practice is concerned with colour, shape, space and mark-making. I also work in other mediums such as printmaking, collage and drawing.

As a colourist my primary means of expression is through the exuberant application of colour.

Atmosphere of place, people, memory of where I have travelled, what I have seen and experienced : my emotional response to these elements is fundamental to my work.

I worked in London as a textile designer / consultant before moving to East Anglia in the early 1990's and then began to concentrate fully on drawing and painting.

Education Biography

1975-1978 BA Hons .English and Art History , Univ. of East Anglia
1981-1982 Sir John Cass School of Art, London
1982-1984 Post-grad. Diploma Textile Art, Goldsmiths College , London

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