About Lauren Baker


1982 in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London , United Kingdom

About the artist

Lauren Baker is a British artist who creates striking neon works. Her art explores the fragility of life, fields of energy and extra dimensions. Lauren uses neon light to convey positive messages and mantras. Her hope is to send out vibrations of love and human connection. While these works are heartwarming and inspirational, they also have a contemporary edginess fitting for an ultramodern interior.

The artist is represented by ten galleries internationally. Lauren has created installations for the V&A museum and Tate Britain. She has also run a workshop at Tate Modern and directed the the window displays at Selfridges.

Lauren is passionate about animals and conservation. Her artwork has raised over £50k for charity.

Need to know

  • Lauren's neon works convey messages of love and hope.
  • The artist exhibits her work internationally and has raised over £50k for charity.
  • These are heartwarming pieces that have an ultramodern, edgy look.
Rise Art

The Insider Rise Art says:

"London based artist Lauren Baker works across a host of media from kinetic sculpture to resin skulls. Her work explores a number of themes and topics, from the existential nature of life to one's relationship with animal companions - particularly a duty towards conservation. Baker’s inspiration for these resilient works of art originates from time spent deep in the Peruvian jungle, back in 2012. Following this transformative journey through South America, Lauren built upon her artistic skills with a residency in Venice, learning from some of the foremost artists within the practice of mosaics. Similar to Damien Hirst, Baker’s work examines the complex relationships with which contemporary society finds itself predicated upon. Her work is laced with experiential essence, something which continuously finds itself misplaced within a postmodern culture. "

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