About Ian Hoskin


1955 in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Exmouth, United Kingdom


Fine Art, Sheffield Polytechnic, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1980

About the artist

I was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1955. My school career was less than successful and consequently in the mid 70’s I decided to travel overland to India. I took an old Ilford camera and a bag of Tri-X film. Pursuing my early fascination with photography and an increasing need to Photograph I subsequently studied for a Fine Art Degree in Sheffield, graduating in 1981. I went on to work professionally as a freelance photographer for BBC Television, whilst continuing my own Photographic projects, originally working with film and print in the darkroom and then digitally. The subjects that draw me in are those which involve the viewer in a moment which might have otherwise been overlooked, and in subject matter that could be seen as mundane, whilst through my on-going portraiture projects I continue to examine seemingly homogenous groups; “Creative block,” “In & On,” and “ Dogs and their Owners”.

Victoria Heald

The Insider Victoria Heald says:

"Hoskin's captivating photography from around the globe transports the viewer into a unique and specific moment in time. His strikingly defaced portraits hold the viewers attention as you take in the complexity of the texture and colour."

Ian Hoskin

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