About Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow


1966 in Darmstadt, Germany

Lives and Works:

Munich, Germany


Diploma, M.A., Munich Film Academy, University if Munich, Munich, Germany, 2004


Kunst International, Runner up, Munich, Germany, 2016

About the artist

brigitte yoshiko pruchnow’s photorealistic paintings dissolve into pure painterly structures once looked at closely. light and shadow on different matters and surfaces translate into patterns, which lead to a sharpened sense of vision of the viewer. her compositions with unusual framing and angles reveal her background as filmmaker as well as her heritage from japanese woodprints. her brush- and penwork follow fluid movements similar to chinese ink painting or calligraphy.

her images have a calm quality which allows the viewer to step out of the often forgetful stream of time and life.

curriculum vitae

german-japanese artist

diploma munich film academy
m.a. japanology, history of art and philosophy
received training in chinese calligraphy, traditional chinese ink painting and traditional japanese painting technique (nihonga with aguri uchida)
graphic novel artist 1992 – 1995 published e.g. at bizarr publishing house, prinz munich city magazine, comicstrich

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