About Stella Kapezanou


1977 in Athens, Greece

Lives and Works:

Athens, Greece


MA Fine Arts, Chelsea College of Arts, London, United Kingdom, 2017
BA Fine Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece, 2016


Shortlisted for the ACS Studio Prize, Artists' Collecting Society, London, United Kingdom, 2018
The Cass Art Prize, Cass Art, UK, London, United Kingdom, 2018
Emerging Star Award, Clyde & Co, London, United Kingdom, 2017

About the artist

Stella Kapezanou is a Greek artist who currently works between London and Athens.
Her lavish use of colour and contrast, set against scenes of contemporary pleasure-seeking, consistently strike an optimistic and sometimes opulent tone. Beaches, palm trees, blue skies and rich floral motifs are often the backdrop to arresting depictions of ordinary people in ordinary situations.
And it is the people she depicts which represent the real story, adding darkness and complexity to the confident, cheerful tone. This ambiguity raises unanswered questions, making her work not only instantly arresting, but begs for interpretation. The contrast between the stylised, high-impact representation of the setting and the ordinary people participating in the western consumer dream, represent a powerful commentary on western society and its social fabric.

Jelena Veljkovic

Rise Art Prize Judge Jelena Veljkovic says:

"Stella's paintings of everyday life are easily recognizable with their unique iconography, bright, almost screaming colours, and her self-reflection of an on going socio-cultural context. Her paintings are not as decorative as they look like at first glance, they are deeply ironic. She elaborates on capitalistic and material western logic and applies it literally on her canvases. "

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