About Anne Marie Lepretre


1964 in Paris, France

Lives and Works:

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


Classe preparatoire BTS creation textile, Ecole La Martiniere, Lyon, France, 1984

About the artist

Those who love pattern will love the work of French artist Anne Marie Lepretre. Through prints and paint, she explores abstract colours, textures and lines, often inspired by maps, signs and symbols. She has a self-confessed obsession with circles.

Lepretre was encouraged in her love of art by two uncles who were professional artists and designers. She studied textile design followed by printmaking at the Slade School of Art, is a longstanding member of the Oxford Printmakers and exhibits in the UK and France.

Lepretre is also a highly-regarded make-up artist.

Need to know

  • Lepretre's prints and original works often feature glazing, gold leaf, collage or other elements that bring the works to life
  • Her 'Poissons' series and colourful smaller prints brighten up any interior
  • We love her affordable smaller prints arranged in grid like or cluster formations
Rebecca Gordon

The Insider Rebecca Gordon says:

"These works investigate the different traditional techniques of printmaking and painting with a few modern day influences. Anne Marie Lepretre focuses on small details and plays around with different colours, textures and lines to produce unique works that brighten up any room. Her use of gold leaf and glazes also make the work stand out. "

Anne Marie Lepretre

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