About Naomi Vona

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


Photography, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy, 2009
Design, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy, 2006

About the artist

I work on vintage and found images creating freaky handmade collages. I consider myself as a “photo and video archival parasite”, but with no bad intentions.

I draw portals on old photos, postcards and vinyl covers, because I believe that in some way they can allow me to travel in time and space.

Every work is basically composed of three elements: my personal life background, my inspirations and subconscious, that is also the glue that puts all together.

In my last project I am also exploring the photo transfer on canvas technique, where I always keep a found image as a starting point.

Katie Tsouros

The Insider Katie Tsouros says:

"Naomi’s artistic manipulations are so intuitive that it as though each of these found photographs was not yet complete until they came into her possession."

Naomi Vona

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