About Victoria Horkan


1975 in Barnsley, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


MA, Huddersfield University, United Kingdom, 2012
BA HONS, Leeds University, United Kingdom, 1998

About the artist

Victoria Horkan is a British artist who combines oil paint with various other materials to create rich, textured paintings that are almost sculptural. Victoria’s canvases are expressive and vibrant, each a playground of colour and texture. We love the sense of liveliness and motion that the artist achieves - her surfaces seem almost to live and breathe.

The artist attended Huddersfield University, where she specialised in textile design.

Victoria has exhibited her work at the Affordable Art Fair in London, Brussels and Singapore. She has also showcased her work at various galleries across the UK.

Need to know

  • Canvases filled with colours that invite the eye to play
  • Her work reflects Horkan's background in textile design
  • The chance to own originals as well as prints
Anthony Fawcett

The Insider Anthony Fawcett says:

"Through the use of collage, thick oil and acrylic paints and her painterly style using broad brush strokes, Victoria creates work that is distinct and instantly recognizable. Her butterfly series of works are collected worldwide, and bring colour and vibrancy to any setting"

Victoria Horkan

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