About Alban


1967 in France

Lives and Works:

Paris, France


MA in animated movies (Technicien en dessin animé), Ecole des Gobelins, Paris, France, 1991
BA in advertising and graphic design (Maquettiste en industries graphiques), Ecole des Gobelins, Paris, France, 1988

About the artist

Alban is a French artist who examines the relationship between traditional painterly processes and unique material backdrops. Whilst his artworks may have the appearance of degraded materials, they are actually carefully constructed from wood. They invite the viewer to discover a world that never really existed, but resonates with one’s memories and imagination.

The artist obtained his MA degree from the Ecole des Gobelins art school in Paris. Before committing to art, Alban worked as a set designer - which has been instrumental in informing his process today.

Alban has exhibited extensively over the past 10 years, with gallery shows in London and Paris.

Need to know

  • Alban’s works have been exhibited extensively worldwide, including several Affordable Art Fairs in London, New York, Singapore and Brussels
  • His striking works occupy a niche between flat art and wall sculpture, making them a great focal point for any interior
Jean Wainwright

Rise Art Prize Judge Jean Wainwright says:

"Alban’s use of materials and pop art tradition caught my attention. The clever rendering of the distressed surface, the references to both pop art, politics and film history draw the eye and capture the imagination. Memories of films and art history are conflated together in these bright colourful and vibrant mixed media works."


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