About Jean-Pierre Vieville


1951 in Suresnes, France

Lives and Works:

Uzès, France

About the artist

"Abstract art, abstract painting, transfiguration occurs with random strokes or a balance of form born of chance and deliberate graphics. Form emerges, colours take their place, graphics are added to the canvas after careful consideration. Jean-Pierre Vieville is in constant quest of balance. Balance, for the artist, is the keyword. Chance/deliberation, form/graphics, conformism/anarchy. His innermost wish is not to find that balance, but to maintain the momentum required to achieve it. To find that balance would be to end up imprisoned in a tiresome cliché."

- Nicole Meunier for Jean-Pierre Vieville abstract painter. Translation by Elisabeth Hiscott in New-York

Need to know

  • Uses an innovative technique to create his abstract paintings!
  • Jean-Pierre has been exhibiting for nearly 30 years
  • The size of Jean-Pierre's works would make a great statement piece for your living room
Clive Jennings

The Insider Clive Jennings says:

"Vieville's large oil paintings all have a very different feel to them, but share a considered and elegant quality achieved through very complex mark making techniques. Paint is dripped and rolled on to the canvas, areas are masked to create grids of reference and small, delicate strokes are added to create seams of bright colour like strata of precious metal in dull rock."

Jean-Pierre Vieville

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