About Tommy Clarke


2017 in United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


Be Smart About Art Award, London, United Kingdom, 2015
International Landscape Photographer of the Y, International Landscape Photographer of the Y, United Kingdom, 2014

About the artist

Tommy Clarke travels the world taking aerial photographs. His photographs are not digitally manipulated or enhanced in any way. They are untouched snapshots of the landscape from above.

The photographer grew up on the South coast of England, where he spent many a holiday by the sea. Interactions between the ocean, land and people is a powerful theme that runs through his work.

In 2015 Tommy was named International Landscape Photographer of the Year. He has exhibited work at the Affordable Art Fair and the Other Art Fair, and his aerial photographs have been featured in magazines like GQ and Conde Nast Traveler. The Evening Standard and the Wall Street International have also published his photographs.

Need to know

  • Tommy's aerial shots have been featured in GQ, British Journal of Photography, Wall Street International, Stylist Magazine and Aesthetica Magazine
  • The photographer is known editorially for his fashion and portrait work. However his love of travel has sparked a new series of aerial works, which has gained international attention
  • Clarke's desire to discover a new perspective in landscape photography has lead him to hanging out the side of helicopters a few thousand feet up
Rebecca Gordon

The Insider Rebecca Gordon says:

"Tommy Clarke's aerial shots capture an environment that we are not familiar with. Objects and landscapes lose their natural associations and rather than being beaches or industrial shipping containers, instead they become patterns and colours that blend and intertwine with each other. His reputation as a photographer is growing fast internationally - he is definitely one to collect. "

Tommy Clarke

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