About Gugi Goo


1984 in Novi Sad, Serbia

Lives and Works:

LISBON, Portugal


Master in painting, Accademi di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano, Italy, 2013

About the artist

Gugi Goo is a Serbian painter who works in watercolour and acrylics to create large abstract works. Sweeping washes of colour and expressive brush strokes fill her canvases and every work has a unique energy that is defined by its own rhythms of colour and shape. We love the interplay of movement and emotion in this artist’s work. If you’re looking to spruce up a space with an artwork that is pulsing and vibrant, take a look at Gugi’s collection of paintings here at Rise Art.

The artist trained at the Brera Academy in Milan and now works in Lisbon.

Need to know

  • Goo's abstract artwork with great washes of colour will make the perfect addition to any home or corporate setting
  • The Serbian artist, trained and perfected her art in Milan
Adriana Marques

The Insider Adriana Marques says:

"The energy of Goo's works feel like they convey the beginnings of many stories. The hints of figures, buildings and movement in these wider abstract compositions hold a palpable sense of emotion. The colour palettes are amazing and work intuitively well."

Gugi Goo

Stay in touch wih me!

Stay in touch wih me!

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