About Richard Storey


1964 in United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


Master of Arts, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1985

About the artist

Richard Storey is a British artist who lives and works in London. Nudes are Richard’s primary subject, and his interest lies in capturing motion. Using wandering lines, shimmering tone and drips, he offers a dynamic depiction of the human form. We love the way Richard puts a stylish, contemporary twist on the classical nude. His drawings and paintings are simultaneously elegant and fresh, and they would suit any modern interior.

Richard studied art whilst at Cambridge University. After graduating, he went on to work in the commercial sector for an advertising agency. He now works for Maurice and Charles Saatchi.

Victoria Heald

The Insider Victoria Heald says:

"Storey's drawings evoke the figures movements, gestures and poses beautifully through multiple layering of line and use of colour. Each mark is confidently and skillfully made, with an acute economy of line."

Richard Storey

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