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St Leonard's on Sea, United Kingdom


BA(Hons) Textiles and surface pattern, Somerset college of arts and technology, Somerset, United Kingdom, 1998

About the artist

Michelle Mildenhall is a UK artist with a distinctive style. She creates provocative art that combines stylised imagery with her passion for latex in a new and innovative way. Michelle’s work is highly recognisable, as each artwork is meticulously constructed using sheet latex. With her portraits she want to seduce the viewer into a world of disconcerting beauty by using popular but somewhat taboo themes of sexuality, fetishism and subversion, she creates work in which a fascination with the subject evolves.

Michelle was born in Wiltshire and studied textiles and surface pattern at university. This is where she first experimented with latex as a medium for her art. After finishing she moved to London where she worked for 12 years as a commercial graphic artist, it was then she had the idea of using latex to creating something unique in the art world.

Need to know

  • Mildenhall creates provocative art that combines stylised imagery with her passion for latex
  • Her influences include Pop Art, Bauhaus, Aubrey Beardsley, Cornelius Makkink, Andy Warhol, Mondrian and Atsuko Kudo
  • Michelle has carved a unique niche with her art which not only appeals to art lovers but to a new audience of latex lovers
Rebecca Gordon

The Insider Rebecca Gordon says:

"Mildenhall to date is the UK's first and only latex artist and her approach to contemporary feminism is certainly unique. These original pieces are created through a unique, laborious process where the artist spends hours hand cutting the different shapes from huge sheets of latex and then applying a special thinning agent and sticking everything back together. The resulting works are fun and ironic with her use of famous characters, with an added erotic element."

Michelle Mildenhall

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