About Marion McConaghie


1969 in United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Lewes, United Kingdom


First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, Brighton University, United Kingdom, 1995

About the artist

Marion McConaghie is an Irish artist known for her loose, sketchy style of painting. Marion's inspiration comes from natural history, fascination with ageing processes and themes of freedom and movement. Her interpretations of people and animals are haunting, made expressive with layers of texture and different media. We love the energetic, sketchy quality of this artist's work. Whether it's Marion's charcoal and pencil sketches or her textured, full-colour paintings, all have a liberated feeling about them.

The artist moved across to England to study art at Brighton University. After her studies Marion worked as a graphic designer. When she stopped full time work to have her son, she began creating designs and prints for sale and resumed her love for painting.

Marion has exhibited her paintings at art festivals in the UK and her work is featured in the collections of various online galleries and sells internationally.

Need to know

  • Marion's style is defined by loose and sketchy strokes featuring delicate lines, some with explosive colour which makes all of her artworks fresh and timeless
  • Marion McConaghie grew up near the Causeway Coast in Ireland and came to England to study art, gaining a First Class degree in Fine Art Painting
  • The artist is inspired by everything vintage and antique but brings a contemporary feel to her artworks
Katherine Mellor

The Insider Katherine Mellor says:

"Marion McConaghie uses delicate lines and sketches to create images of surprising strength and power, challenging our perceptions of media and subject matter."

Marion McConaghie

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