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United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

Bristol, United Kingdom


Ba Hons Graphic Design, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom, 2006

About the artist

Lee Ellis is a British artist who paints expressive portraits and still lifes. His bold, textured works bring psychology and emotion to the fore, giving voice to the hidden secrets of his subjects. Lee’s paintings are full of tortured distortions that capture the emotional angst of his figures - and we love the heavy brushstrokes and thick application of paint that the artist uses to achieve that effect.

Lee studied Graphic Design at Bristol’s University of the West of England. Dissatisfied with the world of design, the artist began to experiment with abstract painting. Over the years he has honed his craft, developing a distinct and powerful style.

The artist has exhibited his work widely across the UK and has been featured in House and Garden Magazine.

Need to know

  • Lee is an artist that has exhibited widely across the UK
  • The artist has been featured in House and Garden Magazine
  • Lee Ellis' bold artworks would make a real statement
Katherine Mellor

The Insider Katherine Mellor says:

"The artist's expressive style is unusual and striking, forcing us to look at his subjects, whether human or inanimate objects, in a new light."

Lee Ellis

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