About Philip Maltman


1950 in Irvine, Scotland, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


BA Fine Art, Hornsey College of Art (1968) Ravensbourne College of Art & Design (68-71), London, United Kingdom, 1971


Shortlisted, John Moores Painting Prize, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2010
Major Award, The London Group, London, United Kingdom, 2009
John Moores Painting Prize Exhibitor 2000, John Moores Painting Competition, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2000

About the artist

Philip Maltman is a Scottish born painter whose work among other things, explores the 'littoral zone' i.e. the shoreline or the area where the land meets a body of water. Philip uses markmaking to create a kind of order out of the chaos that characterises this zone. Further, in other zones, Philip attempts to address the constant flux of everyday life in which multiple layers of light, colour, air, moisture, unseen rays, dust, sound, art, music, literature, flora, fauna, space and silence mix to create the environment which we all strive to decode. In a painting he is trying to fix aspects of this flux.

The artist trained at Hornsey College of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art & Design. He has since exhibited at galleries throughout the UK, including the Royal Academy in London.

Philip has been the recipient of a major award from the London Group, and he's been shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize.

Need to know

  • Philip paints abstract works that explore the 'littoral zone' i.e. the shoreline or area where the land meets a body of water.
  • The artist has won a major award from the London Group and he's been shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize.
  • Philip is a strong artist who's worth keeping an eye on.
Stephen Beddoe

Rise Art Prize Judge Stephen Beddoe says:

"Philip Maltman's painting are incredibly accomplished, both technically and through their subject matter and composition. Also great use of paint in itself, the artist is clearly influenced by the history of British culture, in particular English pastoral landscape painting of the Romantic period, through to myth and modernism. The gestural strokes, use of iconography and text also tip a wink to the master, Cy Twombly, and are no less good for that."

Philip Maltman

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