About Corinne Natel


1978 in London, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


BA HONS Media Production, United Kingdom, 1999


Featured in the Fifty Shades of Fall collecti, Saatchi Art, Online, United Kingdom, 2015
Awarded Special Merit Category, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, www.lightspacetime.com/botanicals-art-exhibit, United Kingdom, 2014

About the artist

Corinne Natel is a contemporary abstract artist, based in London, specialising in abstract mixed media paintings.

Natel is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion and media. Her work investigates colour, form, space and texture. Working with mixed media, a blank white canvas takes on a new form through the expression of energy and begins to develop a life of its own and a new entity, aiming to create vibrant and emotive works. Corinne has sold works in the UK and internationally, for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and cruise ships; exhibited in solo and group shows, as well as at a London Hotel and leading Art Fairs.

Need to know

  • Corinne's artwork is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, consumption, fashion and media
  • Priced affordably, these unique canvas works are completed by hand using thick paints and a palette knife to create a painterly effect that is both abstract and recognisable
  • The artist has received multiple awards and has shown work at exhibitions throughout the UK
Katherine Mellor

The Insider Katherine Mellor says:

"Natel creates affordable work great for first time collectors. The combination of the abstract and the descriptive in these paintings is notable and creates interesting images. Her technique creates a painterly effect which makes the paint jump from the canvas. The works are perfect for bright interiors."

Corinne Natel

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