About Kevin Jackson


1954 in United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


MA, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, 1976



About the artist

Kevin Jackson is a contemporary British artist who works in a range of media. His paintings and prints investigate digital imaging and our responses to the virtual world. We love the energy that pulses through Kevin’s works. Each of the pieces available here at Rise Art has its own buzz, informed by the unique character of its lines and colouring.

Kevin holds an MA degree from the Chelsea School of Art and spent twenty years working as a commercial printmaker. He and fellow artist Rima Farah specialised in the architectural textures and colours of the Arab world.

The artist has exhibited his work throughout the UK and in galleries around the world. He has also undertaken commissions for various corporations and private clients.

Need to know

  • Jackson exhibits his work in the UK and in galleries around the world and has undertaken a range of commissioned works for corporations, public areas and private clients
  • He has a Masters Degree from Chelsea School of Art, London, and worked as lecturer, fine art printer, and engraver
Adriana Marques

The Insider Adriana Marques says:

"The dynamism and simplicity of these works alludes to an energy that can't be captured, or as the artist describes, memories and experiences that can't be documented. The works take us back to the very basics of art - of making marks on paper as forms of expression."

Kevin Jackson

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