About Benjamin West


1974 in United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


Post Graduate Diploma in Photography, University College Falmouth, Falmouth, United Kingdom, 2003
Ba (Hons) Graphic & Media Design, London College of Communication, London, United Kingdom, 1996

About the artist

I am a multi-disciplinary artist inspired by nature, and influenced by environmental and ecological issues. Using collage and photography my work examines our ever-changing relationship with nature, and highlights the consequences of human activity upon our surroundings.

I enjoy compiling a variety of resources for use in the works which are fragmented, lost, or unwanted from my surroundings. The works become a juxtaposition of various collated discarded printed materials, and natural artifacts.

Integral to my practice is to create works which are cut and arranged by hand, employing digital techniques only for archiving and reproduction. Maintaining an attachment to the materials is key to the arrangements, ultimately defining my work.

The work is concerned with how we continue to impact our natural surroundings with technological, economic, and political developments. Whilst the images possess a playfulness, this belies the intention to communicate a serious statement.

Benjamin West

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