About Marion Jones


1962 in London, United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

London, United Kingdom


BA Fine Art -theory and practice, Chelsea College of Art, London, United Kingdom, 1996


'Bars and Triangles', Royal Academy Summer Exhibition June - August, London, United Kingdom, 2015
#Five2Watch Boxes, Axisweb March 20 2015 wwwaxisweb.org, Web, United Kingdom, 2015
Shortlisted for FACK West London Art Prize, FACK, London-exhibition Griffin Gallery, United Kingdom, 2013

About the artist

Marion Jones is a South London based artist and has exhibited in a wide range of venues, having pictures in a number of private collections.

She is interested in the layering and texture of surfaces; panels which appear raised or embossed on a surface, or by contrast, “trapdoors” to lower layers. She often paints on unprimed canvas'. Working with the contrast between washed–out and vivid colours is her constant preoccupation.

Need to know

  • Jones uses oil, acrylics and emulsion on canvas to create thick abstract works that invoke the work of Mark Rothko
  • We love the textural quality of the works across a variety of sizes. The colours explode off the canvas and the composition is pleasing on the eye
  • Her work is perfect for the home or office, and projects a quiet and powerful composition
Amanda Lambert

The Insider Amanda Lambert says:

"Marion Jones' work is very appealing to the eye. Her work has a lovely quietude about it and a textural quality reminiscent of the abstract expressionists. I particularly like her layered composition and drips which evoke at times Sean Scully or Mark Rothko, and are pleasing to the eye. "

Marion Jones

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