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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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Mark Hayward is a British artist whose quirky drawings fuse childhood themes with adult realities. His compositions are cute and funky, featuring brightly coloured little figures against dark backgrounds. There is something irresistible about Mark’s inclination for the miniature. On a deeper level, it’s interesting to see how he reduces the ‘big’ adult world, with its hardships and realities, to the ‘little’ realm of childhood, full of toys and play.

Mark specialised in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, where he received the Tim and Belinda Mara award. In 2009 the artist was awarded the Jerwood Drawing Prize.

Mark has exhibited his work at prestigious venues in the UK, including the Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy.

Victoria Heald

The Insider Victoria Heald says:

"Hayward's works place the viewer between childhood memories and adult realities. The pieces, set on backgrounds removed from a specific time and space, create a sense of playfulness in a grown-up world."

Mark Hayward

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