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Joe is a Lancashire based artist who works in oil paint. In her works abstract -like figures loom out of dreamy, soft coloured backgrounds.Her paintings are both disturbing and amusing, she manages to tread the narrow line between poignancy and tragedy, most of her works feature herself, often unflatteringly as a voluptuous "balloon headed" clown, potential harm and criticism, this is her way of dealing with inner demons and self doubt keeping her on the edge, creates images that are both beguiling and subversive. Hesketh states: 'When I start a piece of work it's like starting a journey not knowing where it will end up, to explore the unknown. I like to think of it as an adventure using visual language, expressive movement, emotive colour and virtual space.'

"Joe Hesketh is obviously a characture and it shows in her large and brazenly sensuous paintings... cheeky rudeness, brave flaunting og sexual intimacies, and an undertow of vulnerability. The Guardian

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  • Joe was asked to exhibit her work at the renowned Chelsea Arts Club in 2015
Clive Jennings

The Insider Clive Jennings says:

"Joe Hesketh’s paintings are dynamic statements about the human condition. They are largely vibrant and positive, but reveal instances of self-doubt. She tackles difficult issues with gusto and accomplished composition and draftsmanship. "

Joe Hesketh

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