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United Kingdom

Lives and Works:

United Kingdom


Honorary Doctorate, St Andrews University, United Kingdom, 2008
Honorary Fellowship, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom, 2003
Honorary Doctorate, Aberdeen University, United Kingdom, 2003


CBE, United Kingdom, 1999
Alexander Graham Munro Award, RSW, United Kingdom, 1989
May Marshall Brown Award, RSW Centenary Exhibition, Scotland, United Kingdom, 1979

About the artist

Barbara Rae is a contemporary Scottish artist known for her abstract landscapes. Each of her works is uniquely expressive and textured, appealing not only to the eye but also to the soul. We love Barbara’s latest prints, which delight in vivid, sun-drenched colours.

The artist discovered printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1960s and continued to explore the medium while travelling through Spain, France and Mexico. In 1983, Barbara became President of the Society of Scottish Artists. She has also been made a member of the Royal Scottish Academy as well as London’s Royal Academy of Art.

Barbara is widely recognised as one of Scotland’s foremost contemporary artists. She exhibits her paintings internationally and her work is held in major public and corporate collections on both sides of the Atlantic. The list of prizes and titles Barbara has accumulated over the course of her career is a long one - the most notable though has to be the CBE she was awarded in 1999.

Need to know

  • We love Rae's extra large prints which would light up any big blank wall
  • Invest in an artist with an excellent track record and reputation
  • High quality limited edition prints which reveal painterly techniques
Anthony Fawcett

The Insider Anthony Fawcett says:

"Described by the Royal Academy of Arts magazine as "Creating intense colour bursts that evoke dramatic landscapes but remain resolutely abstract" Barbara Rae creates work that is both visually stunning and technically brilliant. Her screen print works often use over 20 different screens as well as washes to achieve their desired impact. As her impact on modern and contemporary art continues to evolve, she is gaining deserved recognition as one of the top artists of her generation."

Barbara Rae

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