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Arman is a sculptor of Niçoise Naturalized American died in 2005. He is known for his accumulations of objects as well as his famous anger. He is grouped among the new realistic artists, a group he founded with César in particular. Arman studies first at the school of decorative arts in Nice where he met Yves Klein, then at the Louvre school. Interested in the status of the object and the relationship that modern companies have with it, between sacralization and consumption. Its "& nbsp; accumulations & nbsp;" objects, according to a quantitative logic which erases their singularity, refer an image of profusion, at the same time as they underline the perishable nature of the products of the Société d'Abondance. While the destruction that is present in his works takes the form of anger, cuts or combustions. The artist has also invested the public spaces of nearly a hundred cities in the world by making monumental works.

Selected Works


Paintings - 40x125 cm

Long Term Parking

Sculpture - 43x16 cm

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