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It all started in 2007, when the two artists decided to bring a spectacular touch of color to the streets of Valence and all of Spain. The work of Pichi and Avo is carried out with a surprising level of details which appear on their works. Touches of surrealism slaughter the spectator while drawing it in a radiant explosion of uncontrolled talent. & Nbsp; they are notably successful in their city and are about to ignite the rest of Europe. & Nbsp; Pichi and Avo Only one, fleeing the egocentrism of graffiti and meeting to give birth to a single work, their two similar visions of the world are the fruit of their work.

Selected Works

Orphic Hymn to Cupid

Prints - 65x65 cm

Jeune Bacchus Lefkos

Prints - 70x50 cm

Orphic Hymn to Poseidon

Prints - 83x65 cm

Orphic Hymn To Cupid

Prints - 65x65 cm

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