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René Magritte


René Magritte, surrealist painter and master of the enigma, offers humor and poetry in his paintings which are both rebus and metaphors. The artist of Belgian origin reminds us of our permanent quest for conciliation between reality and perceptions, revealing the complexity of the human mind. The creative origins of Magrittené Magritte, born in 1898 in Belgium, is considered an enigmatic genius of the art. He had a difficult childhood, marked by the suicide of his mother in 1912, a tragic event which & nbsp; Impregnated his life and his work. & Nbsp; after abandoning his little brilliant studies, he moved to Brussels where he begins to paint at the Academy of Fine Arts. He then turned to more avant-garde styles such as Dadaism, before becoming one of the founders of the Surrealist Group correspondence in Brussels. & Nbsp; upon arrival in Paris in 1924, Magritte was greeted by the fathers of the surrealist movement , Salvador Dali and Paul Eluard. Their influence on the artist is decisive. It was during this period that he gave life to one of his most famous creations, the betrayal of images, in 1928. Magritte's work, & nbsp; Ordinary in an unusual context, the work of Magritte is known to question the preconditioned perceptions of reality by observers. The painter, known for having developed a real visual alphabet used recurring elements such as the apple, the bird, the bird, the bird, 'Man in the Melon hat and the fragmented bodies, thus offering two perspectives of reading: the apparent and the occult. He has a deliberately objective and precise style, undoubtedly influenced by his past in advertising. & Nbsp; During the Second World War, the style of Magritte asserts himself and knows a prosperous creative period, especially during his periods called Renoir and cow period as well as during prestigious retrospective such as the Son of Man. Unfortunately, at the age of 68, the famous artist succumbed to cancer. He leaves behind a rich and indelible contribution to the history of art. The works of Magritte, both spicy and introspective, have exerted a deep influence on modern art, from pop art to minimalist movements and conceptual. His constant reflection on the perceptions of reality continues to inspire artists from the world until today, testimony to the relevance of his creative genius.

Selected Works

Le Temps Menaçant

Prints - 60x45 cm

La corde sensible

Prints - 45x60 cm

Le Printemps

Prints - 56x78 cm

Le pays des miracles

Prints - 78x56 cm

La folie des grandeurs ll

Prints - 78x56 cm

La Cascade

Prints - 56x78 cm

La bataille de l'Argonne

Prints - 56x78 cm

Les valeurs personnelles

Prints - 56x78 cm

Un peu de l'âme des bandits

Sculpture - 61x27 cm

Les Menottes de Cuivre

Sculpture - 49x16 cm

La Voix des Airs

Prints - 35x47 cm

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