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Originally from Paris, and working on Bordeaux, Manoyan draws his inspiration from the search for emotion and just movement. Style, sometimes evoking Giacometti by his tapered lines and their verticality, is recognized by his very special poetry. Imprints of existential values, while balanced and in perspective, his works have met with great success for several years. Most of his pieces are carved on wax and drawn in bronze in art foundry.

Selected Works

Douceur d'Enfance

Sculpture - 39x20 cm


Sculpture - 25x32 cm

Le Violoniste

Sculpture - 36x20 cm

Premiers Pas

Sculpture - 46x8 cm


Sculpture - 28x18 cm


Sculpture - 25x15 cm


Sculpture - 46x33 cm

La Solitude

Sculpture - 10x5 cm


Sculpture - 25x16 cm

La Femme dans le Vent

Sculpture - 54x15 cm

La Lectrice

Sculpture - 40x15 cm

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