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Insane 51


Insane 51 is a Greek muralist based in Athens, one of the pioneers of 3D art. First of all, he started in 2007 as a graffiti artist and since then, he has never stopped doing what he wants. & Nbsp; nevertheless, this street artist is not an ordinary artist who plays with a Aerosol and wall scribbles. He is known for his 3D street art, an art called "double 3D exposure". Indeed, depending on the color of light, it will be a figure or another. & Nbsp; he participated in various festivals in Europe and around the world: Lobart festival, festival of street art of Thessaloniki, Jams Graffiti Hip Hop Shop, etc… follower of photorealism and end technician, Insane 51 adds a dose of complexity in its last paintings. We mentioned his interest in the technique of the anaglyph which allows him to create different optical illusions. Insane 51 takes a new step by inserting subliminal images, revealed exclusively by the port of stereoscopic glasses. Combining red and cyan skillfully, the artist superimposes several layers of painting in order to hide a subliminal image.

Selected Works


Prints - 47x77 cm


Prints - 60x60 cm


Prints - 70x70 cm

We Are All The Same / SAMOURAÏ

Paintings - 135x135 cm

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