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Victor Vasarely


Victor Vasarely & Nbsp; is a very singular plastic artist in the history of the 20th century art. Getting notoriety during his lifetime, he distinguished himself in contemporary art by creating a new trend: optical art. His work is in great coherence, from the evolution of his graphic art to his determination to promote a social art, accessible to all. Vasarely vasarely was born in Pécs in Hungary in 1906. In 1925, after his baccalaureate, He undertook brief medical studies at the University of Budapest, which he abandoned two years later. From this period, Vasarely kept a desire for method, objectivity, a thirst for knowledge ... close to the scientific world. In 1929, he entered Muhëly, known as the Bauhaus school in Budapest. This school, created by Alexandre Bortnyik on the Bauhaus de Dessau model, resumed the lessons given in Germany by artists like Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee or Josef Albers. The influence of the Bauhaus teaching will be considerable in the work of Vasarely. Indeed, during this period, he was initiated into the trends in constructivism and discovers abstract art.

Selected Works

Zebra 6

Prints - 57x59 cm

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