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The female body has always been an inspiration for Sylvie Bourély. Trained in the fashion professions, she sharpened her sense of observation, proportions and rigor. Autodidact, she devoted herself to the sculpture of female nudes by modeling for fifteen years. Sylvie Bourély did not follow artistic training and works in an unconventional way, by scanning her sculptures from photos projected on the screen. She buys on a site dedicated to artists, nudes models, photographed 360 ° by professionals (24 views). It prints the 4 main views on which each detail is measured at the scale of the future achievement. Each sculpture is unique and worked without reinforcement, requiring an essential rest time to the earth to model it with the right consistency according to the postures of the models. Its objective is to enhance female bodies in poses highlighting them and whatever their morphologies. When Sylvie touches clay, she connects with her, this osmosis exalts the female content and energizes the creative energy, the earth being the incarnation of the soul of the feminine. Since 2021, some sculptures have undergone the test Fire in the Barthélémy foundry in Crest to become bronzes.

Selected Works

Black Théa

Sculpture - 40x14 cm

Black Félicia

Sculpture - 40x15 cm

Black Eva

Sculpture - 40x15 cm


Sculpture - 38x23 cm

Golden lady 1

Sculpture - 53x21 cm

Golden lady 3

Sculpture - 53x17 cm


Sculpture - 40x37 cm

Black golden lady

Sculpture - 51x16 cm


Sculpture - 36x36 cm

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